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Super Salon Customer Pricing

SuperSalon Customer Pricing

Republic provides merchant services to both Regis and non Regis branded salon operators throughout the USA.  Simply put, we are not your typical credit card processor as Customer Service and Pricing Transparency are at the forefront of our offering.  With offices in Houston, Texas, a Republic representative serves as the first line of contact for salon managers or staff when dealing with any type of customer service issue.

As for pricing, our model is quite simple in which we offer the same rates and fees to all SuperSalon customers.  We strive to eliminate the confusion usually associated with a merchant processor as all rates, transaction fees, monthly fees, etc are passed through directly from Visa/MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.  This simple but logical approach allows Republic to meet our targeted revenue of $40 – $60 on each account while offering customers peace of mind that their fee structure is competitive and without the usual hidden fees and slight of hand found in the industry!

Below is an outline of pricing which may be referenced against our sample statement.

  • Interchange Pass-Through Volume Pricing
  • 1.54% Credit
  • 0.95% Debit (Non Regulated)
  • $0.22 Debit (Regulated)
  • $0.06 transaction fees
  • 24 hour bank deposits
  • 24 / 7 bilingual customer support
  • Online sales activity monitoring
  • Simple and clear monthly statements