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Replacing a Stand Alone Terminal or PC Charge Software

Replacing Stand Alone Terminals or PC Charge Software

There are several processing methods utilized by SuperSalon operators which would facilitate the need to convert to the Republic MSR including the following:

Stand Alone Terminal:

If your salon utilizes SuperSalon POS for daily operations and a Stand Alone Terminal for credit card processing, replacing the stand alone terminal with a Republic MSR will help save your salon valuable time, labor and resources.  Now with just a few clicks of a mouse directly through the SuperSalon POS, your staff can eliminate many of the unnecessary steps in their “daily close out procedures” such as tip adjustments, sales batching and reconciliations.  Also eliminated are the need for additional paper supplies and technical support associated with the stand alone terminal.  Now all technical support issues are handled directly by SuperSalon.

PC Charge:

PC Charge software has been widely used by many SuperSalon customers simply as a means to process credit cards.  While this method allowed the SuperSalon POS system to connect “indirectly” to a select list of credit card processing platforms, it also created unnecessary technical and customer service issues for both SuperSalon and the salon operator.  With the Republic MSR, the SuperSalon POS connects directly to First Data hereby eliminating the need for the PC Charge software.  Now all technical support issues are handled directly by SuperSalon without interference from a third party provider.

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